Interpreting for the Legal and Medical Communities

For more than 20 years Now Interpreters has faithfully served the legal community on all levels. Our interpreters fully understand the formalities and protocol of legal proceedings (Depositions, Arbitration, Trials, Med-legal Evaluations, etc.) and are carefully trained to comply with their critical responsibility as a legal interpreter. Our medical interpreters are well versed in medical terminology, specializing in Behavioral Health. We pride ourselves on a seamless and stress-free experience.


Insurance companies require certified interpreters and translators to effectively meet their language needs statewide. In addition to our statewide interpreting and translation team, NI has excellent customer service, competitive rates, and online client capabilities suited for insurance companies.


Federal, State, County and City government officials require interpretation and translation services to accommodate the growing diversity of cultures within their populations. Now Interpreters has been a preferred vendor across many government agencies as their primary language service provider.

Event Planning

Event planners have come to recognize Now Interpreters as the preferred choice for high-caliber simultaneous interpreters and top-of-the-line interpreting equipment for conferences and events. Now Interpreters has project managers that closely work with event planners to ensure the success of every event—small or large. Now Interpreters can also translate any event materials such as handouts, presentation slides, schedules, and more into print-ready files.

Ad Agencies

Now Interpreters works closely with marketing and advertising agencies to localize and translate products and services distributed across the globe. Now Interpreters can provide consultation and translation services specially designed to handle the needs of creative agencies.

School Districts

EP (Individualized Education Program) is required by law. Our interpreters understand that the language barrier can make parent/teacher meetings and conferences challenging and frustrating for everyone. We are there to eliminate that barrier and, therefore, contribute to the student's education and well being. We assisted Educators such as Speech and Language Pathologists, School Psychologists and teachers with IEPs, meetings, hearings, intakes and other settings in which a parent needs assistance in understanding the importance of their child's educational needs.