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What Makes Us Special

Regardless of the real advances in software tools, translation, interpreting, and even transcription still requires human intervention and human sensitivity.

Now Interpreters understands this and the importance of conducting business in a foreign language. Now Interpreters knows that interpreting is not only conveying the message in another language, but also having the cultural background to convey the message seamlessly.

What We Do

Now Interpreters, Inc. has been serving the insurance, private sector, professional entities, as well as community servies since 1989. We specialize in Workers Compensation, Medical and technical interpreting and translating. We are even equipped to perform multi-line, over-the-phone interpretations.

Now Interpreters, Inc. provides professional interpreters and translators to facilitate cross-cultural communications in most languages and dialects represented in California. Our linguists can assist you with a precise, punctual interpreting solution when and where you need it.

How We Accomplish It

With hundreds of qualified interpreters and translators throughout California, Now Interpreters Inc. is capable of providing interpreters in unusual or exotic languages.

To accommodate your urgent requests, Now Interpreters also provides rush and expedited services, even on a same-day basis, whether it be on-site interpretations, written translations or over-the phone services.

Accessible Answers

With a 24/7 emergency phone line service and account information always available online, we won’t keep you waiting. Find the answers you need no matter what the time of day – or night.

Competitive Rates

Even with new providers popping up all over, we maintain very aggressive pricing. But unlike most outsourced resources, our staff communicates efficiently and can respond rapidly to your needs.

Full Service Agency

There’s no reason to juggle multiple language service providers. Our clients relax knowing we provide a one-stop solution for all their language needs.

5-Star Service

Our clients have learned we are genuine, accommodating and passionate about our work. We have years of experience offering extraordinary service, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses worldwide.




Business Hours

Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

24/7 Text Availability : 408-708-7061


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